Over the course of human history, knowledge has been proven to be the most powerful tool available. Knowledge is what provides the members of an organization with the ability to make the decisions and complete the work required to perpetuate lasting success. However, organizations are often faced with challenge of determining how best to communicate and educate their members about these topics. Given the breadth and depth of available certifications how does an organization where to spend its training budget? Additionally, as organizations adapt to fit the continuously changing needs of the market, how do they educate everyone with how the changes specifically impact and benefit them?

Capitol Management Consulting Services (CMCS) has built our Training practice around providing clients with a full range of custom outsourced training/education services and training/education support services. Additionally, CMCS provides support to organizations looking to certify their members with industry recognized certifications, such as the Project Management Institute’s (PMI’s) Project Management Professional (PMP) certificate. CMCS provides a number of training and coaching services for both executives and organizations, including:

  • Customer Experience
    • Customer Experience Foundations
    • Five Laws of Customer Experience
    • Design Thinking Training & Coaching
    • Executive Mentoring & Coaching
  • Agile & PMI/PMBOK
  • SDLC Portfolio/Program Management
  • Agile Portfolio/Program Management
  • Product Development
  • Training Development & Assessments

To learn more about how CMCS can assist with addressing your organization’s training needs, please contact us.