With all of the work required to simply manage daily operations and all of the information and buzzwords regularly flooding senior management teams, it is often difficult to manage short term needs while simultaneously planning for future growth. Business leaders are often left without answers to questions about: the current and future trends within their industry; understanding how their current offerings fit within the current and future local/national/global marketplace; and ways to better engage and interact with their customers, peers, and regulators/government.

Capitol Management Consulting Services (CMCS) has built our Strategy practice around finding our clients the answers they seek to these questions and related ones. CMCS’s Strategy practice’s services are built around three pillars: Corporate Strategic Planning, Customer Acquisition Strategy, and Customer Experience Strategy.


  • Corporate Strategic Planning
    • Annual & Five Year Strategic Plan Development
    • Corporate Strategic Plan Review, Assessment, & Realignment
  • Customer Acquisition Strategy
    • Strategic Business Development Plan Development
    • Strategic Business Development Plans Review, Assessment, & Realignment
  • Customer Experience Strategy
    • Core Customer Values Development & Implementation
    • Voice of the Customer (VoC) Strategy Development

To learn more about how CMCS can assist with addressing your organization’s strategic challenges, please contact us.