Construction & Engineering Services

Over the past decades we have watched technology become an integral part of our lives. While we might struggle to imagine life before smartphones, electric cars, and the internet, we often forget the base from which we were able to develop all of those things. While a broad and established field, CMCS has leveraged its past performance providing project/program management services to expanding into providing an array of construction and engineering services.

CMCS has built its Construction & Engineering Services practice around providing clients with full lifecycle support services offering an unique combination of subject matter expertise from experienced, licensed, and certified professionals with cutting edge technology solutions to improve quality while leverage efficiencies to lower costs and risks. CMCS’s capabilities, include but are not limited to:

  • Construction Project/Program Management,
  • Construction and Building Inspection Services,
  • Facilities Operation and Maintenance,
  • Property/Real Estate Assessments (In-Person & Virtual), and
  • Proven proprietary SaaS Solutions (around Property Assessments, Building/Construction Inspections, and Data Analytics)

To learn more about how CMCS can assist with your construction & engineering services needs, please contact us.